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A moment of truth

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I’m reading Jude Wanniski’s “The Way the World Works”, written in 1978, and this passage spoke volumes to me so I had to get it down…

“If the planet is the limiting factor, if we have now reached a point in the history of civilization where economic growth as we’ve known it is no longer possible, then the policies that governments should follow become obvious. Individual freedom to grow at the expense of the planet must be restrained, and because growth by the poor and the weak strains the planet as surely as does growth by the strong and the rich, limitations on freedom carry with them the burden of promoting redistribution of power and wealth. That is, if the poor can no longer have the freedom to attempt greater wealth by exploiting the planet’s resources, the political order requires a more equitable distribution of income and wealth, both among individuals and among nation states.”

I wonder if the “Green Shift” will represent¬† a shift towards redistribution as opposed to growth policies as we try to work within our planets natural constraints . And don’t forget about all the regulation tieing up the financial system, and slowing down executive earnings… The 21st century is bound to be characterized by big government and state control.


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December 14, 2008 at 4:21 pm

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